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Our Projects

The Friends have worked on these projects at the refuge

Ramsar Caddo Lake Visitor Center
Adjacent to the Refuge Visitors Center is the Ramsar Caddo Lake Wetlands Visitors Center. Here you will learn why portions of Caddo Lake and the refuge are one of only 26 sites in the U.S. to be recognized as “Wetlands of International Significance” under an international treaty signed by over 150 nations.
visitor center.jpg
The Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge Visitors Contact Station
The Refuge Visitors Center includes public restrooms, educational displays about the refuge. In addition to free material that will help you enjoy your visit to the refuge, you can purchase maps, posters, books, and novelties associated with the refuge and Caddo Lake.
Cornell e-Bird Kiosk

This eBird Trail Tracker kiosk was made possible by a grant from Enbridge Inc. through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) Refuge Friends Program, and donations from the Friends of Caddo Lake NWR Organization (in memory of Tony Novak). 

eBird Trail Tracker is a unique and proprietary Internet accessed software application that enables entry and real-time review of bird observational data from specific locations. Visitors will also have the ability to identify on a pre-loaded map the specific spots at the site where particularly interesting bird species were seen which will allow other birders to potentially find the same bird species at these locations.

In addition, visitors will be able to review photographs of the birds listed at the site and play the birds’ song/call to help them confirm their identifications.

bird blind.jpg
Bird Viewing Blinds

In 2018, funds were secured for the construction of two bird viewing stations on the refuge. A grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, along with a memorial donation from The Friends of Caddo Lake Group, and "in kind" donations from local Fish and Wildlife folks made the project possible. The construction labor was kindly provided by volunteers from the Cypress Basin Chapter of Texas Master Naturalists and the Fish and Wildlife staff!
Materials from the original Visitor's Center bird viewing station are scheduled to be repurposed into building a third viewing station on the duck pond near the old railroad tracks.

Ken Gentry Pavillion.jpg
Ken Gentry Pavillion
The Friends of Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge, the Caddo Lake Institute, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and individual donors such as Ken Gentry gave their time, labor and funds to rebuild the facility anew at the north end of the Refuge acreage near Goose Prairie.

Starr Ranch Boat Dock

In Progress
coming soon
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